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Pedra da Gávea - RIO DE JANEIRO

Pedra de Gávea - RIO DE JANEIRO

Photography by Marcelo Conceicao

Located between São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca, Pedra da Gávea is a granite rock that rises 842 meters above sea level. It was named by the Portugese after they concluded that it would be a great observatory for ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Gavea means "top sail" or "top". The rock has many interesting stories told about it, including being a time portal, an ancient Phoenician tomb, a UFO landing site and various others.
The most striking fact about Pedra de Gavea, is the fact that there are ancient symbols carved into it, that havn't been explained, which are as old as the pyramids, they are definately not natural.
Pedra de Gavea is one of the deadliest as far as rock climbing fatalities. Simply because of unregulated, untrained amatures that have no fear or no understanding of the danger involved, It can be climbed safely however, with a trained guide and the proper equipment.

Rio de Janeiro Pedra de Gavea

A view of Lagoa looking toward the Two Brothers "Dois Irmaos"
behind that is Pedra de Gavea

Vocabulary and Information about Pedra de Gavea:

Pedra da Gávea Rock of Top Sail or Observatory Rock
Guanabara Bay Fishing boat bay near the center of Rio de Janeiro
Paredáo do Escaravelho the climbing wall on the east side of the head
Cachoeira Waterfall
Gruta do Ouvido "Cave of Hearing"
Pedra Bonita "Beautiful Rock" altitude of 696 meters
Picada do Isidoro Narrow trial of Isadora
Picada Pico dos 4 Narrow trial of the Four Points
Trilha Canoa Canoe Trail
Chamine Eli Chimney Eli
Agulhinha da Gávea "Little Needle" altitude 610 meters

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Pedra de Gavea

Macumba Beach looking east towards Pedra de Gavea

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