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Havainas Flip Flop
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São Paulo , São Paulo
Havainas open store at Center 3 corner.
Havainas are the most popular flip flop brand in Brazil. They are now incrementing the sandals with cute little jewelry.

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Havainas Flip Flop

Havainas Flip Flop

Havainas Flip Flop

Havainas Flip Flop

Comment: Havainas Flip Flop - São Paulo, Brazil

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Where can I buy wholesale flip flops?I work in a tdeuxo shop and we are connected with a bridal shop and flower shop so for prom we are putting on a promotion where if the girl gets her date to rent through us she gets a free pair of flip flops. I just need to know where i can buy a bunch of them at cost or at least close to. i'm talkign like less than a dollar a pair.
April 07, 2012

Waleria Sawicka

Love your blog, in fact arrived by checking yahoo and google for a comparable issue to this post. Which means this might be a late post nevertheless keep up the great work.

March 29, 2012
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Havainas Flip Flop - São Paulo, Brazil. , .
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