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Brazilian Money
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Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian money is usually well designed and beautiful. The paper bills have many bright tropical colors, which are appropriate for their atmosphere.

The main unit of commerce in Brazil is the "Real". The Brazilian monetary unit or dollar has changed many times in the past century. The name Real, means basically; "The real deal", or "This money will be worth something for a long time."

This was implemented in the nineties and around 1999, they devalued the money to 1/2 in one day. Since then it's maintained it's relative value to the dollar pretty well, even climbing back to around 75% multiple times.


The video below (If still available) shows all of the printed money in the history of Brazil. At the end of the video there are all bills from today.

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Brazilian Money - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - YouTube.com

Brazilian Money

Brazilian Money
Various Brazilian Coins

Brazilian Money

Brazilian Money
Dois Reais, Dez Reais

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