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Capoeira Rio de Janeiro

Capoeira is music, poetry, party, diversion and a form of martial art It was created by the Angolian slaves of Brazil. They pretended like they were dancing when they practiced so that they wouldn't be punished. When Brazil abolished slavery in 1888, migrating rural blacks brought capoeira to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, where it became a tool of streetfighters and petty criminals. Capoeira was intensely persecuted up until the first decades of the 20th century but has become a regulated sport.
Here are links to information (history, attack movements, music) on Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, California, Washington and more.
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Chimp Capoeira Good capoeiristas are exquisitely skilled and beautiful to watch, combining strength, flexibility, conditioning...
ABADA Mestre Camisa, who founded his own capoeira school in Rio de Janeiro and now runs it in California.
Planet Capoeira Reviews, multimedia, capoeira store, discussion forum...
Capoeira Grupo The Group has for objective, to stimulate, to divulge and to rescue our culture and art, to the capoeira.
Axe Brazil Master Evaldo (BOGADO) of Almeida, in the City of Niteroi, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil...
Africa Bantu Master Braga Rio De Janeiro, Brazilian 1994. Center of Capoeira Angola Rio De Janeiro...
Terrafime rhythm, instruments, and the masters of the group.
Brazilian Percussion sells instruments for samba, forro, and capoeira
Group Senzala Capoeira school based in the North East of England and are affiliated to Grupo Senzala de Capoeira - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Vision Brazil Brasil Samba Show - lassen Sie sich mit unserer Samba-Dance-Show
Viva Brazil The ancient discipline symbol of the eternal fight for the freedom, the history of its origins and the successive evolutions through the great masters of the past.
Bresil Will capoeira, the shape of expression of the black slaves under the colonial period, is a fight with the flexible movements which resembles a dance more.
Event calendar annual calendar of events, the GCAP will promote the I Symposium of Capoeira of Angola de Niterói, " Musicalidade Afro-Brazilian ".
Batuque Groep Links of capoeira in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia....
CCARJ This Home Page was created with intention to promote the Capoeira Angola mainly and, to clarify to internautas what accurately it is this art.
Postcards from Rio de Janeiro Pictures of Capoeira - a "dance" of self defense and attack movements.
School of Capoeira 1984 Mestre Paulo Siqueira founded the Capoeira Academy Hamburg at the " Kempo" ...
Manimal Jiu-Jitsu Capoeira instruction based in Rio de Janeiro,
Impanema Award-winning insider's guide to All About Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Capoeira Brazil Capoeira Animations, graduation, games, photos, links....
AO Brasil football, carnival, samba will capoeira, voyage, culture...
Rio Janeirices BRASILEIRICES is a musical comedy: It still invites the boy to enter in the screen and to play Capoeira (River of Janeiro/Bahia).
Graduation To develop in set with the pupils práxis of capoeira under the approach of the corporal culture, while field of knowledge elaborated and reelaborado from concrete experiences of the men.

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